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Fostering safe and accepting communities for people of diverse gender and sexuality and their Whānau in the Waikato

Waikato Queer Youth (WaQuY) was established in 2005 as a way forward to promote safe and welcoming spaces and peer lead support for gender and sexually diverse young people in the Waikato born out of some high statistics facing our vulnerable young people every year we steadily increase the number of youth seeking support and organisations seeking resources. Indicated by our annual survey and from feedback from young people attending our support groups and education sessions we have engaged with 3,297 young people and their Whānau in 2019.

Our strategic plan has identified our intention to explore other service and support gaps currently across the Waikato for both young people but also looking to other age groups, and for our Trust to investigate expanding our reach, providing a broader response to those of diverse genders, sexualities, and their whānau in the Waikato.

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