Who is Waikato Queer Youth?

Waikato Queer Youth (WaQuY) is a non-profit organisation started in 2005. We run from a space that is equipped with a growing resource library and and offer a safe and inclusive environment for youth drop-in. We also host regular social support groups for gender and sexuality diverse youth and their peers, a gender diverse and intersex group, and adult support groups for those coming out in later life. Additionally we develop and deliver custom education packages on gender and sexual diversity for various audiences, providing well-received professional development to professionals, healthcare practitioners, community groups, and schools.

Enabled by a passionate group of staff, volunteers and our Board of Trustees, Waikato Queer Youth (WaQuY) is focused on offering hope to youth who may otherwise be isolated. We strive to empower spaces for young people to celebrate who they are, through positive, identity affirming community building, fun and friendships.

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